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"Working with Gary and the Holt team was a tremendous experience. Together we worked together on everything from creating repeatable business processes to establishing long-term... (Read More)

Patrick Ward
C&L Ward


"Working with Gary was just what our company needed. Even though we have been in business for over 25 years, there was so much that we learned from Gary that we never knew... (Read More)

Carol Davis
CEO & President
Fireside Coffee Co., Inc.


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Business Development and Management Consulting for Small to Mid-Size Organizations

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Helping you increase gross margins and improve productivity and efficiency to increase business valuation.

Systems Development

Providing assistance to reach your full potential through systems innovation and business process management.

Management Training

Guiding you to improved performance by analyzing your problems and developing systems-based solutions.

Operations Management

Showing you how to provide your employees with the tools, methods, and motivation to perform at their peak levels.

Financial Planning

Providing you with financial consulting to identify ways to cut costs, reduce waste, and get your financials on the right track.

Human Resources

Consulting you on how to recruit the best employees, teach you how to motivate employees in the workplace, and increase employee retention.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Improving your brand awareness to help you reach the right audience and convert qualified leads into sales.