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We help you get what you want.

We have helped hundreds of Organizations create a business growth plan and improve business performance by developing profit strategies that include increasing gross margin and improving productivity and efficiency.

Are other businesses just like yours?

No. Your business is unique and while you may be wondering how to expand your market share in today’s competitive business environment, no one is exactly like you which will give you a distinct advantage when you are trying to improve brand awareness. We know that cookie cutter business process management isn’t going to help you achieve results in the workplace. That is why we use innovation to achieve continuous improvement in your Organization. By performing a business analysis and focusing on process improvement, we can offer turnkey solutions.

What types of companies do we help?

Because our business systems analyst works directly with your employees to understand the processes you have in place; we can gain insight into your Organization, as well as ways to improve performance and develop a risk management plan. Because of our personalized systems-based solutions, we can work within any industry. Once the systems are implemented, your employees will have clearly defined responsibilities, time management tools, and customer service training that will improve your project management as well as your bottom line. So whether you want to focus on recruiting strategies to find employees that fit within your company, improve your lead generation to increase sales, or simply develop an exit strategy; Holt Marketing and Management Services has your solution.

Be Better at Marketing and Management

See What Others Are Saying About Us:

"Prior to retaining Holt Management & Consulting Services in November of 2012, the SCSO was facing several issues across all divisions within the agency. These issues included failed oversight of staff at the mid-supervisor level, lack of processes to (Read More)

Sheriff William Federspiel
Saginaw County Sheriff's Office.


"Working with Gary and the Holt team was a tremendous experience. Together we worked together on everything from creating repeatable business processes to establishing long-term strategies to propel company growth. Without question, our (Read More)

Patrick Ward
C&L Ward


"Working with Gary was just what our company needed. Even though we have been in business for over 25 years, there was so much that we learned from Gary that we never knew before. He showed us the importance of systems and the kind of impact (Read More)

Carol Davis
CEO & President
Fireside Coffee Co., Inc.


"We have benefited dramatically from the advice of Gary Holt and his training...Because of this training we have implemented strong management, training, quality control, and operational systems. The use of these systems and (Read More)

Mark Artinian
President and Owner
Bosco's Pizza Company


"Gary has a knack for keeping us focused on our vision. We never truly understood the process of creating a turn-key business and the incredible freedom that we can create for ourselves until we started working with Gary. Gary has a unique (Read More)

Brian Stadler
Wolgast Corporation

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