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Marketing and Management Systems Consulting, Unlike Any Other.

Holt Marketing and Management is a unique company that provides both business management consulting and marketing services for our clients. We can improve your brand awareness, increase your market share, and even rebrand your company and products as well as, work with you to increase your gross margins, and solve your company's internal systems' problems.

An experienced management company, like Holt Marketing and Management, can help you deal with issues within your organization, as well as find undiscovered problems.  

There's an old saying "to a hammer, every problem is a nail." But, what if there is an undiscovered problem within your company that is siphoning off your profits or productivity?

What risks is your organization exposed to by having this undiscovered problem? Risks can be everywhere - market volatility, government regulations, changing customer demands, buying raw materials, or even complacency and procrastination. At Holt Marketing and Management, we have developed system solutions to avoid or minimize risk and its effects on your organization in these areas:

Sales Management
Ignored customers Outdated technology
Uncalled customers Lack of policies and procedures
Lack of sales Poor tracking of costs and expenses
Frustrated customers Lost information
Unrealistic promises Inadequate reports
Operations Inefficient ordering methods
Unused capacity No competitive bidding
Poor training Inefficient facilities
High absenteeism Human Resources
Slow work pace Inadequate job descriptions and responsibilities
Wasted work products Irregular employee evaluations
Outdated methods or equipment Poor job training
Finance/Accounting High turnover
Uncontrolled expenses Improper record keeping
Slow collections Poor employee handbook
Delayed invoicing Undefined employee responsibilities
Poor record keeping  
Old or no marketing plan  
Inept advertising  
Lack of publicity  
No ROI measurement or marketing tactics  
Outdated marketing materials