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Inovative Strategies that Produce Measureable Results

Holt Marketing & Management is a Saginaw, Michigan-based company that provides expert consulting services in the areas of Marketing, Management, Operations, and Finance. We help organizations increase sales and profits by reviewing critical systems and key performance indicators to identify variances and develop systems improvements that effect sales, gross profit and net profit.


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The Fast-Track Process to Booming Sales

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"I've been an entrepreneur all my life and I've created my own 'perpetual money machine.' Many people in business need answers that will help solidify their success. Many people who want their own business need a game plan in order to achieve that success. The Perpetual Money Machine provides both. If you want to succeed in business, The Perpetual Money Machine is not just a practical guideline, it's a book of answers."
                                                                                                                                                                                -Jeffrey Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling

The Synergy Factor book

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Is your brand as strong as it can be? Are you sending the right message to your customers? Are you reaching the right audience? Are you getting enough sales leads? If you answered "no" to any one of these questions, then Holt Marketing & Management can help turn that "no" into a "yes". Contact us today and we'll show you how.

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The key to productivity is kowing what to do and when to do it. We help organizations improve performance by analyzing their problems and developing systems-based solutions to solve them. Whether it's outdated job descriptions, lack of an organizational chart, or incomplete progress reporting, Holt can help you become a more productive and profitable organization. Contact us to find out more.

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A systemized operation is key to improving profit and cash flow for your organization. Every problem you have can be resolved or prevented through systems development, measurement and innovation. Contact us today, and we'll show you how to provide your employees with the tools, methods, and motivation to perform at their peak levels.

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In order to run a profitable and sustainable business in today's economy, it is imperative to have a good handle on your financials. Even the smallest error can have a huge impact on your profits. Holt provides financial consulting services to identify ways to help cut costs, reduce waste, and improve processes to get your financials back on track. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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