About Gary Holt, CEO
Business Systems Consultant in Saginaw Michigan

Gary Holt CEO of Holt Marketing & ManagementPhilosophy and Beliefs:

Gary has worked for five fortune 500 corporations, The U.S Army, consulted over 200 small to large businesses, planned and implemented 10 start-ups. His focus is on assisting businesses and other types of organizations to increase performance by understanding the science of systems analysis. Gary has over 25 years of experience as a professional in management and marketing. He has the knowledge of systemization down to the point of promising measureable improvement in any type of organization.

Some areas of expertise include; how to analyze the root cause of problems, how to solve problems systemically, how to tie systems to scorecards, how to tie scorecards to P&L’s, and what actions to take to correct variances.

Examples of training includes how to create a matrix organzation that gets more done with fewer resources, how to turn-key a company to create a higher valuation that can sell for 5 to 10x's earnings, how to increase productivity to get things done faster, better and cheaper.


Throughout Gary’s 45+ years in business he has received numerous awards as well as recognition as an innovative leader in Marketing and Management. Gary has written and published two books, “The Synergy Factor” and “The Perpetual Money Machine” which are both available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Gary grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he began his extensive journey in business through executive positions with companies like J.L. Hudson’s (now Macy's), Chrysler, Howmett, Alcoa and Kulhman Corporation.

In 1984, he started his first company, Holt Consulting. In 1985, he started his second company called American Advertising, a direct Mail Marketing Company.

In 1990, he began Holt Marketing & Management Services, Inc. The company provides services such as Management Consulting, Executive Coaching, Marketing, Systems Development and Training.

In 1992 he was on the start-up team of SignTec Custom Signs, Inc.

In 2011, he started Holt Transport. The company provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services to major Insurance companies, Hospitals, Specialty Clinics.

Gary has assisted clients in ten start-ups, two acquisitions and opening over 100 branch locations. 

Gary is the author of many blogs and whitepapers on a variety of subjects and industries - please refer to: http://www.marketingholt.com/blog



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