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How Social Media Shifts the Way You Communicate with Your Customers

Posted by Rich Droste on Fri, Jun, 20, 2014 @ 14:06 PM

Facebook is not just for socializing anymore.

Traditional marketing still works but not as a stand-alone solution.

I found this excellent video that showcases the impact that the Internet and social media are having on the way we communicate with our customers. Erik Qualman brings us the hard facts on how we have changed to an economy that is "people driven." 

Even though this was produced last year, you will clearly see the shift that has and is taking place, and at a much faster pace this year than last.

I would not waste your time with a boring video...I think you'll really enjoy this one if you have not had an opportunity to see it yet.

Are you ready to improve the way you interact with your customers?

Are you interested in seeing how this change will improve your business?

Let's watch:



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So what did you think? 

Are you going get involved or hope for the best?

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