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Customer Service Issues: How to Resolve Complaints in Four Steps

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Wed, Apr, 06, 2016 @ 10:04 AM

CustomerServiceYou may have heard of the saying “Good news travels fast. Bad news travels faster.” This can become apparent in word-of-mouth comments regarding your Customer Service. However, now that information is being spread and monitored in different ways, researchers are discovering new rules. By scanning people’s brains and tracking their e-mails and online posts, neuroscientists and psychologists have found that good news can spread faster and farther than disasters and sob stories.

Therefore, if you want to be known for the rave reviews on social media that went above and beyond to give your customer a great experience, follow these four steps when faced with negative feedback:

  1. Show respect to everyone.
  2. Listen to everything they have to say, carefully, before answering.
  3. Do everything you can to back up any promises you have made.
  4. If there is no way to resolve the problem to their satisfaction, apologize profusely. If at all possible, offer them an alternative solution or something of value to show your willingness to help.

We have published a similar blog post available at:

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