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What Cartoons Teach Us about Process Improvement

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Mon, Sep, 08, 2014 @ 13:09 PM


Walt Disney once said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

I believe he was trying to emphasize the fact that it is important that you love what you do with so much passion that you want to do it again. When you are excited about something, it shows and the excitement is often contagious! It is also important to make sure you modify or change what you do in line with the constantly evolving needs and desires of the public while maintaining your feelings of joy for what you are offering.

Process management can help organizations do everything better than anyone else, enabling organizations to operate in a state of perpetual agility. Organizations have a difficult time accelerating their success because they don’t have much experience or education in business process management. The true value of process management is that it organizes what you already have in place so that you can do what you love better.

Process management is not pre-packed software. Single point software such as Timberline, Quickbooks, ACT DASH, and Outlook does a great job in single point data but cannot provide the information that analyzes and educates the total entity. Automation can be a liability in a change driven environment. Process management requires human intelligence and creativity.

Over and over we see unknown companies come from nowhere and, in a few short years, beat out the established leaders. Almost always, they have a cost advantage because they manage the entire cost chain, not just their costs. They provide preferred solutions. This proves that process management creates a huge competitive advantage for any organization.

Process management includes a management dash board, showing the variance of key indicators faster. Using this, managers can learn what changes to make to eliminate the variance and get back on track to success. This also provides an opportunity for all employees to interface through a process portal and learn what they need to change faster.

Since information systems are imperfect simulations of the organization they support, it is critical that people have the capability to render different views from a single source to build a unified team understanding of what needs to get done.

Success today is watching competitors remain status quo, frozen in complexity and fear while you charge ahead and succeed through a portfolio of process projects to achieve new profits – be it new processes, new services, new marketing, outside consultants, collaboration or acquisitions. These projects all fall under this umbrella of process management.

The key to competitive advantage is in its ability to learn faster than the competition. Let the learning begin:

Process Management…

  • Is dependent on human intelligence and judgment
  • Utilizes human performance coaching
  • Relies on balanced indicators across the total Organization
  • Is focused on variance central key performance indicators
  • Emphasizes goal achievement, both one year and three year goals
  • Establishes matrix teams and flexible job descriptions
  • Reduces risk through identification of changing regulation and potential black swans
  • Depends on systems innovation for constant improvement
  • Develops strategic alliances
  • Accomplishes superior success through the development of projects that focus on all of the above and much more
  • Creates dash boards from the top down to capture measurables in real time
  • Keeps technology in the forefront

What are your biggest concerns? If you are like most businesses you may have trouble with one or all of the following; finding or keeping skilled employees, decreasing or lack of increase in profits, unsure of customers’ future needs, too many competitors, reduced productivity, costly errors and re-dos, unorganized or unable to problem solve. Believe it or not, Process Management can help any or all of these problems, even people problems!

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