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Inbound Marketing: Are you On the First Page of Google?

Posted by gary holt on Wed, Nov, 28, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

Do you know if Your Website is On the First Page of Google?

The most important goal for most sales and marketing departments is to be on the first page (if it's not, it should be!!) when people are looking for information about their type of service. The best way to get on the first page is through blogs, videos and tweets that are newsworthy, educational and yes, entertaining to your targeted audience. Are you wondering how to get leads from your website?

Develop relevant content "Good inbound-marketing-are-you-on-the-first-page-of-google-write-great-contentStuff"

The number one way to stay on the first page is through a constant stream of relevant content, but it must be “Good Stuff.”

Know How to Use the Right Long Tail Keywords

Keywords need to be reviewed at least once a month because they may be changing in importance.

Focus on the Right Analytics

The number of hits and leads your website gets must be gathered and reviewed. Your website analytics are important, but don't forget about social media. A website tool that also collects hits and leads from LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook, all in one place, is a huge advantage.

Is There One Spot to Do All of This?

One of the most frustrating parts of Internet marketing is the fragmentation of the website, blogging platform, and multiple social media profiles. We have implemented new software that has turned our website into a lead generation machine. The software is based on Inbound Marketing. 

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing strategy helps your business get found. It focuses more on developing beneficial information and content for your target customer base. Inbound marketing allows your site to be a resource rather than a pushy sales pitch. You build a relationship over time. Who likes to get pitched? I know I don't. 

Outbound marketing is pushing your message and seeing who will bite. While this is still an important ingredient to your overall marketing strategy, online is getting more important every day. The days of "pushing" a customer into buying are over. 

Everything in One Spot

Would you like to know who visited your site by name? Would you like to know what keywords your visitors used to get to your site? Did your visitors use Google, Facebook or YouTube to get to your site? Do you know which pages on your website get the most views? Would you like to manage your own website and make changes on your time?

Our system has all of the questions listed above as key features and benefits. Plus, there is much, much more than what's listed above. Is the software complicated? It took me a while to figure it out, but once I did I have doubled the amount of traffic and generated new leads from my website.

I am still learning every day. You have to in order to keep up with all the changes. It took us six months to figure it out. Do you have that kind of time?

Old Dogs can Learn New Tricks

Even after 25 years of implementing outbound marketing strategies for over 200 companies, I have embraced inbound marketing. It is a lot of work, but we are seeing results. It is the future!

But after going through the process and learning about inbound marketing, I realize that even with the software it can be difficult to manage all of the aspects of inbound marketing.

FREE Website Review

That is why I am offering you a FREE 30 minute, no obligation, consultation on how to implement an inbound strategy for your business.  I will even show you how to take advantage of the power of Facebook. 

Are you inbound or outbound? Let us know in the comments below.

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