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Does Increasing Your Traffic Increase Your Sales?

Posted by gary holt on Wed, Nov, 28, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth the time and money to increase the traffic to your website? Just because a lot of people visit your site doesn’t mean they’re going to buy something. So, what’s the point? I bring this up because it’s a lot of work to blog, design, write e-books and make videos not just once, but weekly if not daily!

The answer is both yes and no. No, it’s not worth it if you get huge traffic but no buyers or if your competition learns all of your ideas and copies you.

Yes, it's worth it if your current customers visit your site and you can use that information to make another sale or if you acquire a new customer.

I learned through trial and error (is there any other way?) how to increase traffic to my site. But I didn’t make a sale until I learned a different way of writing.

  • The writings and videos must be news to a customer.
  • Content must be written so it hooks a customer, not just a reader, and asks a question or says something controversial.
  • It must contain just one idea that sticks in a customer’s mind.
  • It must ask the prospect a question that is so compelling that they ask for more information.

I have developed a series of steps that have increased my new customer sales. Once applied, I obtained four large sales in only 3 days.

So, what’s the sales challenge you’re facing?

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