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What Does Inbound Marketing and Direct Marketing Have In Common?

Posted by gary holt on Wed, Nov, 28, 2012 @ 10:11 AM

20 Years of Success with Direct MarketingInbound-marketing-versus-direct-marketing

The first business we started back in 1985 focused on direct marketing.

Similar to the Valpac concept, we basically mailed coupons from local businesses to targeted zip codes of families that had average and above average income and home values.

The Offer

The results of an offer, such as $2 off an oil change or buy one get one free pizza, would draw response rates anywhere from 3% to 10% or more.

The direct marketing we performed for B2B was mostly postcards that told about the company, had good quality photos and we did follow-up with phone calls.

Mail Box to Computer Screen

Direct marketing as we knew it 10 years ago transformed from a mail box to a computer screen. These old principles of direct marketing are still valid today in achieving advertising that works. The Direct Marketing Association has been around for many years,, and the basics are still true.

The 6 Basic Steps of Direct Marketing

There are basically 6 steps in achieving direct marketing advertising in 2012. They are:

  1. Establish a Target Prospect by SIC, sales, and number of employees

  2. Develop an Offer that gets them to respond back to you

  3. Develop a Brand that builds credibility

  4. Develop the ideal Internet methods to reach them so you know they saw your offer

  5. Measure how much the promotions cost and how many responses you received versus a successful predetermined result

  6. Analyze each component of your campaign and improve it

Results Using Direct Marketing Technique

Over time, in as little as two months, using the basics that we have been using for over 20 years, we have experienced an 80% increase in leads to our website.

Direct marketing advertising works on the Internet because every customer is looking for information.

Using the 6 basics from old school direct marketing will help you develop the information that your prospects are looking for. By using the basics, you will better understand your customer.

Is Inbound Marketing Better Than Direct Marketing?

Times have changed.  People are busy; they don't read their mail or spend time watching commercials.  It is more difficult than ever to reach your customer. That is why Internet marketing and strategy is so important.  You can place yourself to be there when the prospect is ready. 

It still takes time and money to implement an inbound marketing strategy, but the time and money invested will be there for years selling your product. Integrating old school basics with Inbound strategies will make your investment go further and will put you far ahead of your competition (unless they got here first).

Once you create awesome content, it will be there until you remove it.  Customers will be able to find and share the information for years to come.

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Let us know if you think the basics of Direct Marketing are still relevant today by leaving us a comment below.

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