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Using Social Media and Technology to Develop Your Unique Selling Position

Posted by gary holt on Wed, Jan, 29, 2014 @ 16:01 PM

Sales Team not Closing Sales?

After a year of watching our salespeople busting there rear ends doing proposals and not closing most of them, I decided that it was time to make a change.

I’m sure you can identify with what I’m saying. You work hard to get a chance to make a presentation. You do what you think is a good job because they request a proposal. You take the time to develop the proposal. Then over time, you find out they bought from someone else. OUCH! When you ask why, 90% of the time they say your price was too high. 

In my business, all of that has changed now! Over the last three months our conversion rate has increased 50% - 60%.


I discovered that if we could make our proposition unique enough from others in ways that added value, as perceived by the customer, price became secondary. Let me show you how I did it.

Create Valuable Offers

Let's look at it another way. Can you develop incomparable offers or combinations of services and products? Will the client find your offer truly unique and worth considering?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, you will close the sale because you reposition the competition in such a way that you eliminate them from the sale.

An Example of Using Social Media to Develop our USP

As an example, I needed a way to differentiate our company as unique from our competitors. We did it by linking areas of our website to solve a variety of relevant client concerns and present packaged solutions in real time.

One of the best ways that made us unique was our ability to research social media marketing through Facebook and groups in LinkedIn. We were able to discover what was new and what prospects were looking for. We found that emotions can have a role in purchasing decisions. By using social media, we were able to go into deeper detail than our competition. Utilizing our social media research we were able to adapt our selling process. This gave us an edge over the competition and price has not been an issue since we adapted our selling process.

Using Apple iPad as a Unique Selling Position

Another method we developed was to use my iPad to present our ideas. By asking the right questions, that we uncovered through our needs analysis, we were able to show with proof customized solutions to their problems.


The iPad / website strategy forced me to improve the content of our website. With the improvement in content, we also reworked the navigational layout of our website.

Do USP's Get Results?

The Result of our work?  New customers! Customers are impressed with our use of the latest technology. The iPad showed the customers that we are on the leading edge of technology. So not only is our content unique, but our presentation is unique.

The combination of both unique selling positions has allowed us to close proposals without the client talking to anyone else. That is "unique" in this market.

Want to learn more?  Go here to get 30 minutes of my time FREE to discuss your unique selling position and how to use social media and technology to create yours.

Did you get your iPad 2 yet?  How do you like it? Give me a comment below so I know if I should upgrade or not.

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