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How Finding Long Tail Keywords Can Double The Traffic to Your Website

Posted by gary holt on Tue, Nov, 27, 2012 @ 16:11 PM

What Are the BEST Keywords?

The best keywords are critical to the success of generating quality sales leads. Do you know what the best words really are? The easiest way to increase organic traffic is to target keywords with a low search volume but high relevancy. This is accomplished by utilizing “long tail” keywords.

Keywords and Smart Consumers

Most people searching online are smart. Most people who search the internet are not just searching for a general product or service. They also search for what is good or bad about the product or service; things such as any hidden costs, other user's reviews or anything positive or negative associated with them. By narrowing their search down they are able to understand the key attributes of what they need.

This is where the long tail keyword has a competitive advantage.

See Through the Eyes of Your CUSTOMER

Long tail keywords are three or more words combined that bring prospects to your site with deeper content that more closely matches what the searcher is looking for. You have to put yourself in the mind of a customer and ask what questions do I have that are still unanswered. Begin adding long tail keyword phrases into your content that answer those questions.

Content, whether it’s video or blog posts, educates customers further by addressing their unanswered questions. The skill is in making the process natural and conversational, not sales oriented, by telling both the good and the bad.

Getting Google to Fall in Love With Your Website

Google loves long tail keywords and consistently rewards those using them with higher page rankings. Prospects find you because your long tail phrases and content builds trust, credibility and ultimately a loyal new customer.

The more uniquely qualified and knowledgeable your content, the more you will be viewed as an expert and the person with the smartest mentality wins.

Impact of Search Volume and Difficulty

This chart shows how the search volume and degree of difficulty lessens as you add to your long tail keywords:how-finding-long-tail-keywords-can-double-traffic-to-your-website

Long Tail Keyword Examples

Service Search Example:


Dentist Office [Builders]   

Dentist Office Design-[Builders]

Product Search Example:

[Cell Phone]

Smart [Cell Phone]  

Smart [Cell Phone] with Video 

Searching for your Long Tail Advantage?

We are offering long tail keyword analysis reports that include a review of keywords relative to your website content plus those of your competitors. We grade those current words for number of searches, relevancy, and the degree of difficulty to rank for and will deliver to you a new improved long tail keyword list of 150 words.

Finding Long Tail Keywords Just 1 Strategy:

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You will see how keywords are just one piece of the puzzle of successful internet marketing. 

Need Help With Your Keywords?

Holt Marketing and Management Services has the experience, knowledge and tools to find the RIGHT keywords to optimize the effectiveness of your Internet Marketing Strategy. 

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