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Blog Strategy:What You Really Need to Know About Blogging-Part 1 of 2

Posted by gary holt on Wed, Nov, 28, 2012 @ 10:11 AM

Part 1: What you really need to know about blogging

Build Your Website with a Blog


A blog is simply an online journal or web log. A blog is the easiest, most effective way to communicate and build trust with your target market. Unlike most websites, a blog allows you to enter information when YOU want to enter information! There is no special coding or a phone call to your web master to add content to a blog. YOU enter it, YOU control it, and YOU build it.

Where to host? Free Blogs or Paid Blogs?

Blogs can be hosted on sites like or or can be hosted on your own server with software such as WordPress, Blogger or Hubspot. 

(Quick Tip: Make sure when you develop or host your blog that YOU get ALL of the SEO credits, not the host....VERY Important!)

Blogs are an especially important method of communicating news for educational information to individuals who are searching for answers to their problems. These individuals could be your customers!

Use Blogs to Create Compelling Content

Blogs that have remarkable content, including commentary, photos, video, audio and graphics give visitors a reason to return regularly.

If you are creating amazing content, you will get your visitors to return regularly in order to stay on top of their needs.

Blogs that are used for marketing, branding, public relations and communicating with customers and prospects are commonly referred to as corporate blogs.

Want to Get Started? Don't Know Where to Begin?

If you are online or haven't started your online marketing strategy yet, you need to begin now before your competition does.  9 out of 10 customers research online before making a purchase decision.

Want to see a real case study? (We experimented on ourselves first.) Look for our next blog post...part 2....Blog Strategy: What You Really Need to Know About Blogging-Part 2 of 2 

Still not sure?

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