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Social Media- the 24/7 Friendly Face of Your Business

Posted by gary holt on Tue, Nov, 27, 2012 @ 16:11 PM

You won’t find too many businesses who adamantly profess that they don't need a website. A website is the equivalent of a Yellow Pages ad of yesteryear. To coordinate the efforts to bring people to your business via the web, telephone, or in person, the modern business now has to move past just having a website; they must move into social media. Social media tools involve having presences on Facebook, Twitter, or just a friendly newsletter or blog update to clients in a manner that drives their attention back to you and your business when they, or one of their friends, needs your product and services.

Social media is the friendly face of your business, which greets,describe the image answers questions, and knows exactly where to direct someone who needs your business. I picture your social media as the voice or face of your business, like Flo from the Progressive Insurance advertisements. Always there to greet you and hopefully with enough energy that people actively look for them when they are in the neighborhood.

A presence doesn’t have to be too complicated but it has to be done right. Your business needs to keep its focus on what is posted on Facebook or elsewhere; does it keep to your message and value proposition? You are not just generating junk so people may see it, right? It should not constantly push the sale. It’s about inviting people in and creating a welcoming atmosphere for people to come to your business (online or in person) and browse, talk, and experience your knowledge in what they need.

If it seems daunting, never fear! Holt Marketing and Management Services is here to assist. We can help you establish your messages and ‘voice’ and even help you tap into your initial set of contacts. Or, we can work much closer with you by coordinating your messages and keeping posts and interactions going so you can focus on your operations; a lower stress alternative which is actually very simple to implement. Give us a call or email today to find out more!


Social Media and Your Business

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