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Call Centers- We Make the Calls, You Make the Sales!

Posted by gary holt on Tue, Nov, 27, 2012 @ 13:11 PM

While many companies are straining to reach existing and new customers with their usual marketing campaigns and tactics in this economy, they may be missing out on a cost effective way to reach their customers and make new business- outbound telemarketing such as Holt Marketing’s Outbound Call Center.

Call Center ExampleHolt Marketing’s Outbound Call Center allows clients to have a tailored sales campaign that can focus on expanding your business into new markets or announcing new products to existing and prospective new customers. Holt works with you to develop your campaign’s goal and reach. With our expertise, we will craft a script that will engage people and deliver your message to your audience, an audience we will help you narrow to the specific demographics that fit YOUR business’ needs.

Holt’s Call Center just doesn’t make calls based on a script. We learn what is necessary to answer the prospect’s questions so that they can make an informed decision and you get a more qualified lead. We work to become an extension of your business. Our Call Center listens to questions and comments the contact has and documents them. These are compiled and sent to you so you can make modifications to the program; understand what questions clients have, and get the pulse of the demographics as it relates to your industry, brand, and product. As leads come in, they are immediately forwarded to the contact you specify at your business for immediate action.

Then as the campaign continues, Holt provides you call trends, summaries, and reports that allow you to see how the campaign is running. We suggest modifications that can be made to further increase the reach or conversion of contacts to leads. Our goal is a return on your investment and you will see results like:

  • Increased personal contact with your target market
  • Finding and retaining your most profitable customers
  • Customer satisfaction, for campaigns that focus on your current customer list- knowing that the business still cares about them, informing them of new products and services, and in general keeping in touch with the customer builds goodwill that lead to the customer coming back.

Remember, even for a burst of new leads or a special campaign, nothing beats the powerful reach and capabilities of Holt Marketing’s Call Center. If you want to take advantage of an efficient means to drive your brand, increase your sales, receive feedback from clients, and input from experienced call center professionals then contact Holt Marketing today!


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