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Workflows and Procedures to Make Your Business Grow

Posted by gary holt on Tue, Nov, 27, 2012 @ 12:11 PM

As mentioned in the first chapter, businesses of all sizes have workflows and procedures that allow the businesses to succeed by consistently producing products and by having numerous workers produce those products. Without these procedures, the business may or may not generate positive results and it may or may not generate a profit.  Without that profit, the business can’t grow.

Follow the path to growthGrowth is crucial for success; it is what will let you retire someday. Generating more products or services will require more employees. Those employees will only consistently produce the product and services you were producing yourself by having written procedures to follow and assess their work effort. So, that process that you followed from memory HAS to be documented now so your employees can harness your expertise. These procedures let the owners focus more on operations and higher value tasks by allowing others to take over the more general tasks the owners were doing. Remember though it is not always your expertise you want to harness- it may be others.

You may be personally familiar with the scenario already where you have a key employee with specific skills or abilities that you utilize and profit from but there is always the risk that something will happen to them. That risk may be illness, death, injury, or simply leaving your business for a new job. What will you do then? Well, if you have taken the time to document their job and their skills, you will hopefully have on hand the basis to duplicate what they were doing. At least, you will have documented the skill set you will need to search for in a new employee.

And just because you have documented your old tasks that employees can now take over, don’t forget to document the higher value work you continue to do and that you have added to your daily routine. These business processes need to happen in most cases whether you are there or not, so remember if the company is to grow and generate profits you have to have the work effort completely documented.

If you would like to learn more about how to make your company grow through documented procedures and workflows that allow your business to harness the expertise of you and your key employees (so others can fill in and complete those same tasks) then contact Holt Marketing and Management or call 989-791-2475 x 15.Earn a Day Off or Vacation with Process

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