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Work Until You’re 80? Business Owner or Not, You Might Have To…

Posted by gary holt on Fri, Jun, 17, 2016 @ 11:06 AM

It’s not financially possible to retire at 65!

Longevity experts are reporting more and more people are living to 100 years of age. If a person retires even at age 62, that would mean you would need a reliable income without working for 38 years. If you max out social security at $20,000 per year but you require $50,000 per year, that means you would need to draw down on savings at $30,000 per year. You would need over $1,400,000 in cash savings in after tax dollars to retire. If you sell your business capital, your tax is 25% Federal plus State Tax of another 7% or 32% total. So you would need to sell the business (which includes paying off all liabilities) for $2,000,000 cash, paying $640,000 in taxes to end up with $1,160,000 for retirement. Or you could keep the business going until you reach your late 70’s or early 80’s.

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How to Sell People What They Want to Increase Market Share

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Wed, Apr, 06, 2016 @ 10:04 AM

If an idea is perceived by a person’s sensory input as compatible with its expectations, the unconscious mind says yes. If the idea is perceived by the unconscious mind as not compatible, it says no. The decision is made instantly. Research has shown that a visual message has 3 or 4 seconds, a written message is determined in just the headline (or within 1 minute), and a sales presentation is made or lost in the first 3 minutes; so beginning decisions are not made irrationally but emotionally.

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Focus on Vision Statement: How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Fri, Mar, 20, 2015 @ 11:03 AM

You CAN create a more fulfilling and purposeful workplace!

The purpose and primary aim of an Organization should be to help people improve their life in some way. It’s a proven fact that Organizations and Businesses in any industry achieve their financial goals if their customers and their employees feel cared about, treated fairly, respected, and are successful in some way because of their association with that Organization.

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Updates to Facebook that will boost Your Brand Awareness Strategy!

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Tue, Feb, 03, 2015 @ 16:02 PM

Facebook has had a lot of buzz lately with changes they are making that will supposedly make it nearly impossible to promote your business, especially without paying. They want to keep the site more social than business so that people won’t get tired of all of the sales pitches and go hang out somewhere else. This is actually a great thing for your Company! If the users are happy with their experience, then when they do notice a reference to your Business, they will respond more favorably to it.

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5 Steps to Increase Profitability with the RAISE Approach

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Thu, Jan, 08, 2015 @ 16:01 PM

Due to the positive response I received from my Finance plan blog, I decided to focus this blog on an overview of the RAISE approach that all businesses need to have in place in order to find and keep happy customers, employees, suppliers and investors. I have included excerpts from Chapter 10 of my book: The Perpetual Money Machine to illustrate this method.

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