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[Podcast] What All Diesel Mechanics Should Know about Owning a Diesel Repair Shop

Posted by gary holt on Fri, Jul, 15, 2016 @ 09:07 AM

Most Diesel Repair Shops are started by Diesel Mechanics. They start the business because they are good at fixing diesel engines. In fact, they’re so good that usually they’re the best mechanic in the shop as well as the most productive. At some point, they get sick and tired of working for a boss that doesn’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t appreciate them. They often feel like they don’t make enough money, so they start their own Diesel Repair Shop; believing that because they are really good at repairing diesel engines, they will be an entrepreneur and be successful owning a Diesel Repair Business (maybe even better than most Diesel Repair Shops). This is where the problem begins, because it is a false belief.

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