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Work Until You’re 80? Business Owner or Not, You Might Have To…

Posted by gary holt on Fri, Jun, 17, 2016 @ 11:06 AM

It’s not financially possible to retire at 65!

Longevity experts are reporting more and more people are living to 100 years of age. If a person retires even at age 62, that would mean you would need a reliable income without working for 38 years. If you max out social security at $20,000 per year but you require $50,000 per year, that means you would need to draw down on savings at $30,000 per year. You would need over $1,400,000 in cash savings in after tax dollars to retire. If you sell your business capital, your tax is 25% Federal plus State Tax of another 7% or 32% total. So you would need to sell the business (which includes paying off all liabilities) for $2,000,000 cash, paying $640,000 in taxes to end up with $1,160,000 for retirement. Or you could keep the business going until you reach your late 70’s or early 80’s.

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The 6 Tactics You Need for Effective Recruiting Strategies

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Thu, Jan, 15, 2015 @ 14:01 PM

Recruiting can be a difficult and often frustrating task. It is vital to your Organization to have skilled, easily trained employees that can communicate effectively to help you increase your gross margins. The problem most face in achieving this, is the human aspect that can often be deceiving. People can be hard to read. They can be great at interviews and great at talking the talk but when it comes down to it, your main concern should be if they can walk the walk. 

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Struggling to Find and Keep Top Talent? Best Recruiting Strategies...

Posted by Andrea Hewett on Fri, Sep, 26, 2014 @ 12:09 PM

Do you have a need to expand your workforce?

Do you stuggle to find and keep top talent for your important positions?

Do you have a recurring need to hire large volumes of employees?

Do you need to enhance, replace or institute a consistent recruitment process?

Great employees can make a big difference. Good, committed people that can deliver goals and build capacity are essential to a business. There are a lot of good people looking for good jobs, or wishing they had better jobs. But good or not, how do you if know they are right for your company? The best practice is to follow the key components of the hiring process. Whether you are looking for white collar, blue collar, or no collar; the key components of the hiring process is the same:

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