Customer Satisfaction Survey

Wow the Customer

With quality control and other processes in place, you are sure to wow the customer. Right? Not necessarily. You may have the best product at the best price, but that doesn’t guarantee the buyers fill flock to your door. Customers want a purchase to be an experience that fulfills more than their rational need for a product.

To many, shopping is a pastime or a game.

Customers are searching for the most satisfying experience, not merely to purchase a product. That’s why many shoppers prefer department stores in a high-end shopping mall rather than a discount chain. The high-end store usually has friendly salespeople, subdued lighting, subtle music, the scent of expensive perfume, elaborate window and storewide displays, etc. All senses are pleasantly stimulated. The buyer is courted by the store.

On the other hand, a no-frills discount chain has harsh lighting, a ceiling with exposed rafters, pallets of sale items, hoards of customers with screaming children, employees yelling on the intercom, items placed helter-skelter, and two checkout lanes open. The buyer is just another number in the store’s bottom line.

Both types of stores serve a need (pleasant experience versus economical need), but which store gets the most word-of-mouth advertising? Which store will create a customer relationship that will last a lifetime?

It’s the same in the service industry. Two companies provide the same service, but the company that can attract the customer and then provide the most rewarding experience from start to finish is the company to keep the customer. It can be as simple as providing that extra touch—like a follow-up call or a demonstration session. 

What can you do to attract and keep customers?

You have researched your market to target the people who would most likely become customers (based on education, occupation, location, etc.). Advertising efforts and word-of-mouth reports have provided your prospective customers with good first and subsequent impressions. You have addressed how your quality product answers a need and provides a unique promise. Product displays, sales demonstrations, or a purchase has given customers their first experience with the product and your company.

If you stay current with the emotional needs and perceptions of the product and your company, you will understand what shopping experience they are looking for. What drives their decisions to buy? Anyone in your company who talks to your customers can answer this. They hear the concerns as well as the compliments. They know what customers ask for. They get a feel for what the customer needs.

Customer satisfaction surveys also help to make sure that your processes harmonize to provide the best experience for the customer.

Some of the factors that help create the ultimate purchasing transaction are:  

  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff
  • Attractively decorated office or store
  • Product selection
  • Convenient location
  • Prompt delivery
  • Accuracy of order fulfillment
  • Sensory appeal of product
  • Individualized attention
  • Details that stir pleasant associations

Consider these factors when creating your customer satisfaction survey.

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