Reducing the cost of doing business and increasing profits are the number one preoccupation of company leadership and management. But even a well thought out budget, meticulous record keeping, and cost-cutting measures will not be enough to keep the business in good running order. The key is to make money work for the company—both as incoming and outgoing funds. To do that, leadership must root out profit-robbing culprits, such as ineffective or lack of processes, outdated equipment, rework costs, and low productivity.
A systemized process is the answer to maximize the financial area of the business. Without a carefully planned process, profits disappear without leadership evening knowing it.
If you have questions on how to implement a system or how to find where the trouble is, contact Holt Marketing and Management Services. Our 25 years of experience can help make your finance woes go away.
Topics Holt can assist you with are:
  • Accounting System & Company Forms
  • Financial Reports
  • Profit Planning
    • Budget Forecasting
    • Solvency Ratios
    • Profitability Ratios
    • Monthly Financials
  • Cash Flow
    • By Project/Job
    • Cash to Work
  • Internal Control Scorecard
  • Pricing
    • Pricing Valuation
    • Business Valuation Worksheet
    • Industry Value
    • Company Industry Value Worksheet
    • Stock Value
    • Rate of Return
    • Forecasting
    • Financial Synergy
We can assist in any one of these areas and more. Simply Contact Us and let us know what your questions are!


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