Future Trend Analysis

Future trend analysis is the key to sustainable success.

Businesses that don't pay attention to customer changes in what they buy and how they think will not adapt fast enough and will quickly fall behind. Trends usually starts small but can transform entire industries!

Studying data and beta testing are the two best ways I've used to discover successful future trends.

We had a client that started an errands business based on research showing the needs and demands of the rapidly growing senior market. After months of poor sales they began tracking requests for transportation to medical facilities.

We assisted the client in modifying their marketing and customer demand increased even faster! In less than a year, the company changed its name to better identify itself in a totally new market opportunity. In the next three years, the company doubled its sales and profits every year and is on its way to succeeding in a business that they had no prior knowledge of.

We have also identified trends that resulted in: adding restoration services to a construction company that doubled their profit in less than four years, adding digital signs and service to a marketing company that tripled their sales and profits, adding medical supplies to a nursing home company, adding a family fun center to a bowling alley, and more.

Every one of these success stories were the result of studying data in a way that identified small changes that allowed us to determine future trends that resulted in extraordinary gains in revenue and profit for existing businesses.

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