Social Media Marketing / Inbound Marketing Strategies

The major issue facing businesses today is that their revenues are stagnant. They need to increase the amount of new customers to generate more revenue. The purpose of marketing is to generate new sales leads by:

  1. Expanding market share
  2. Discovering new market niches
  3. Developing more effective communications and branding
  4. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing vs. the cost of obtaining a new client

The internet is rapidly replacing more traditional marketing methods. The powerful advantage the internet brings is in its ability to enable people to find information when they feel they need it, faster and for less money than any other method.

Inbound marketing is the strategy that gets a business on the first page when people are searching for information on the internet to help them solve a problem or make a purchase.  

Inbound Marketing is educating and branding through news and other interesting and new content material, and promoting through blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube to drive people to your website in greater numbers and with higher quality leads.

When done right, inbound marketing solves the biggest challenge organizations face, which is how to capture enough data from their internet site to tell them what they need to know to make changes until they achieve success. The only way to collect data, so it can be analyzed easily, is by developing a website that generates reports from social media and the internet all in one place.

With all the uncertainty of the past few years, it has become more and more difficult to determine where to invest your marketing dollars. Back in the early 90's, we were just getting used to everyone having a webpage. The common belief was "set up a website and get found." As technology has improved, and search engines become more dominant, it is no longer enough to simply build a website. A website without organic search engine optimization is like a raft drifting in the middle of the ocean. Most businesses are dealing with the realities of the new normal economy:

  • Sales are declining
  • Business costs are rising
  • Taxes are increasing
  • High unemployment
  • Uncertainty of the future 

As a result of all the factors outside the control of a business owner today, businesses must be more creative than ever in attracting new business. One thing is for certain, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE WITH DECLINING SALES VOLUME. Every effort must be made to bring fresh leads consistently to your business and as inexpensively as possible. Even though the economy has been declining, the popularity and reality of the growth in internet connectivity continues to rise year after year. 

Inbound Marketing Strategies generate leads. How do we increase leads? WE WAKE UP YOUR WEBSITE! We create or transform your site into a site that is optimized for organic search engine traffic. How often do you go beyond the first search page when doing a search? 70% of the time users choose search results located within the organic search area. 

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