Blog Content Creation

No Time to Blog?

We understand completely.  We blog so we know how much time it takes. Don't ignore the importance of blogging because it is too critical to build your long term website presence.

Still not sure?  Read (Blog Strategy: What You Really Need to Know About Blogging-Part 1 of 2 or Blog Strategy: What You Really Need to Know About Blogging-Part 2 of 2). These articles explain the shift that is taking place in our New Economy. 

Remember Companies that Blog:Web Traffic resized 600

  • Get 55% MORE website visitors than Companies that don't blog

  • Get 97% more inbound links than Companies that don't blog

  • Get 434% more pages indexed by Search Engines

Source: Hubspot

We know running your business is hard enough without thinking about what to write, so we have created a solution for your business:

Blogging Services for Businesses

We can do it for you and you get the credit. We just help you behind the scenes.  We use your voice so we capture the essence of your business.  We can set this up so it happens automatically. 

What Makes Our Holt Blogging Services Different?

  • We research your blog topic.

  • We choose the RIGHT keywords (See "How Finding Long Tail Keywords Can Double The Traffic to Your Site").

  • We write the content.

  • We choose SEO optimized tags.

  • We determine 8-12 meta keywords.

  • We create a keyword optimized meta description.

  • We choose and provide the image.

  • We select the alt text related to your image.

  • We schedule for posting.

  • We deliver on time.

  • We utilize Professional Writers from hundreds of industries.

  • We create effective calls to action.

  • We develop landing pages so you can track your Blogging ROI.

  • We integrate your blog posts so they update your social media accounts.


This is just a partial look at the process we utilize to develop a blog post. There are hundreds of writers out there who blog, but will the blog generate traffic? It WILL NOT generate traffic if any of the steps are missed. In all, we use 41 Steps to Create a Blog post.  Our process is extensive. 

If you are looking for cheap articles, we will not be your provider. We provide quality blog posts that will build your organic website traffic over time. 

We believe in doing it RIGHT every time.


Each article has numerous variables to consider, but can range from $100 to $600 per article. We must determine your strategy before we can determine final pricing for your business blogs. 


You Have Content?

You already have content? No problem. Maybe you even already have some blogs but no traffic. Likely all the blogs need is a tune-up. We can take your content and optimize it to generate traffic. It is never too late to update existing blog content. We can do that for you.

30 days, 8 blogs, Get Started NOW!

The longer you wait the more traffic you miss out on. 

30 Days - Is all the time we need to get your blog up and running.

8 Blogs - We will have 8 blogs tailored to your business and your industry scheduled for your blogging site.

FREE 30 Minute Blogging Consultation.

Still not sure where to begin?  Spend 30 minutes setting up your blogging strategy and find out how reasonable it is to outsource your blogging needs. Click here to schedule your time.