Job Descriptions that Work

Once you have an organization chart in place and have possibly made a few revisions or additions to job titles and responsibilities, the next task is to write job descriptions with score cards for each function. Ask yourself these important questions:

What exactly has to be done?          

Start by determining and assigning the key result for each function on your organization chart.


How are you approaching it?           

Also include job responsibilities and tactics for accomplishing each responsibility.


Could there be a better way?          

Detailed job descriptions ensure that each function will be fully documented and have measurable accountabilities. Putting job descriptions under the microscope not only helps you discover better ways to distribute the work, it guarantees that your employees completely understand their responsibilities—an important component of employee satisfaction.

Before you try to write job descriptions for each position in your company, please take the time to contact us for examples and strategies to use to achieve the best results.