Leadership Skills

Leadership means taking initiative, accepting responsibility and being accountable. If you want to achieve sustainable growth for your business, you must provide your people with clear direction as to what they are expected to do, the method to achieve it, and the time to get it done. An essential component to achieving sustainable growth is a business leader with good organizational skills, which define the functional components of the whole and the relationships involved. A skilled organizer constantly reorganizes as change occurs to achieve a sense of order and predictability.

By developing systems and documenting processes, leaders give people the ability to concentrate on the task at hand and the discrimination and confidence to know what to do next. No more guessing. A key step is to take the time to review the mission of the organization and select the areas you want to improve.

Step 1   Identify a key goal you wish to achieve.

Step 2   Document the process that is currently followed to reach the goal, or if there isn’t one, create a new process map.

Step 3   Select the key performance indicators required to measure the results.

Step 4   Based on the variance of your key performance indicators, change the corresponding part of the process to improve it.

Step 5   Beta test the outcome of the process.

Step 6   Quantify and test the key performance indicators.

Step 7   If the results are good, standardize the process into your operation manual. If the results are not good, start at Step 4 and go through the process again until the desired key performance indicators are achieved.

By leading through process, it allows you to innovate the organization by involving your people in the innovation process and thinking methods required to constantly improve.

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