Management Whitepapers

Smart Research - How Systems Management Improves Business Performance_Cover.jpgHow Systems Management Improves
Business Performance

If you want to know what works and what doesn't work in order to make a business succeed, research is the best method. This white paper is based on our research of over 200 Organizations; during which we have compiled facts, data, and knowledge while assisting Organizations to develop the systems required and manage those processes through discipline, coaching, and training.




How to Accelerate Business GrowthHow to Accelerate Business Growth

How to utilize system development in combination with strategic management projects to reduce costs and errors and increase productivity and profitability.







InnovativeLeadershipAchieve Sustainable Growth through Innovative Leadership

If you want to achieve sustainable growth for your business, you must provide your people with clear direction as to what they are expected to do, the method to achieve it, and the time to get it done.






Contractor Operations

How Your Contractor Operations Team can get the Job Done - On Time, Every Time, at a Profit

This white paper covers Contractor Operations: Processes & Principles for Success. Operations vary by industry and company. As a process practitioner, I will explain what is working for my contractor clients now.