Organizational Chart

Organize Your Most Valuable Resource

To understand your company’s need for an organized hierarchy of job descriptions, you need to look at the company as an investment. To maximize this investment, you must assign your top management staff to the four key results areas—marketing, operations, finance, and administration. Since people are your highest cost, their organization and production are your highest priority.

Key results areas are delegated to the following four vice presidents, who all report to the president/CEO. (Typically, a vice president is assigned for each area or, depending on the size of company, an employee may be responsible for more than one key results area.) You may not have Vice-Presidents so Management or Team Leader titles will work as well.

Vice President of Marketing

Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Administration

To find out the responsibilites that each of these positions must be tasked with in order for the Organization to achieve sustainable growth, contact Holt today for your free 30 minute consultation.

If you currently do not have a Vice President for each key results area, assign current employees to each function for the time being and assign the jobs permanently after you are sure of the requirements and needs of each role.  If necessary, part or all of a position could be outsourced to an outside vendor. For example, the lead generation portion of the marketing segment, depending on company size.  Smaller companies would benefit from outsourcing functions such as accounting; among other things.

Simply acknowledging these key areas, giving them equal significance, devoting personnel to provide results, and monitoring/measuring each area’s function will dramatically increase the productivity of your organization.

To help you with this, we are offering a free template for you to use for your business. You can follow our example form or create a customized copy of your own!

Click here for your free  Organizational Chart Template

With an organization chart as a tool, you can systematically explain and divide the tasks; just as a coach would explain plays to team members, rather than as a boss handing out orders to his subordinates. Organizational charts help employees see how they fit in and contribute to the overall success of the company.