Process Management

The area of process management is important – it encompasses many aspects of your business. You must develop processes, document them as process maps, and implement them in such a way that everyone who will be using the process, or be affected by the use of the process, is aware of what it entails and what their role is in the success of its completion.

A well-run business consists of eight major branches or systems that integrate seamlessly for the benefit of the whole.

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Recruiting/HR
  • Information Technology

Within these eight primary systems, there is a maze of subsystems. To systemize your business, a diagram is developed through Process Mapping, Scorecards and Indicator Reports.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a systematic/systems approach in documenting the steps/activities and time required to complete a task. Process Mapping helps businesses identify what the company does, who is responsible, to what standard a job should be completed and how successful is the process.

Benefits of Process Mapping

  • Puts a spotlight on waste
  • Streamlines work process
  • Defines and standardizes the steps and sequences
  • Promotes deep understanding
  • Builds consensus
  • Key tool for work cell design


With scorecards, you can motivate your employees, increase productivity and accomplish strategic goals.

Benefits of Scorecards

  • Defining expectations
  • Measuring work
  • Progressing to a goal
  • Evaluating the employee

Indicator Reports

Indicator Reports allow you to save time by viewing the company’s overall state of affairs at a glance.

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