Product Delivery

The delivery process is much more than bringing the product to your customer. For the customer, it is a major experience that will be remembered. This is a pivotal time in the company/customer relationship. It can either be severed by a late or otherwise unsatisfactory delivery or cemented by a on-time, satisfactory delivery.

The company sees the delivery process as selecting the methods, establishing a schedule, ensuring dependable delivery, and doing it with a budget in mind. For the customer, delivery is something else completely. The customer is rating your company based on how you deliver what your company either promised or implied. The actual package seems to take second place.

For example, a timely delivery reflects your company’s integrity. A complete, accurate order speaks volumes about your attention to detail and desire to please the customer. A variety of delivery options indicate that you want to make the product acquisition as convenient as possible for the customer. A thank-you note on the packing slip or a bonus gift says your company appreciates the business and values the customer.

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