Recruiting Strategies

The Right People

In the movie "All The Right Stuff" most of the story line focuses on the tough screening processes NASA uses in selecting the right people to be members of the teams that man America's spacecraft. Maybe you're not going to the moon but you are giving people the responsibility of protecting the most important asset in your life. NASA discovered not just anyone can go to the moon and we have discovered that not just anyone can manage a business. A manager who does not have leadership in his/her personality cannot take the company to the next level or even keep the company going into the future.

If you are to continue your business long into the future, if you ever want to be free of your business, you must replace yourself with a team that can run the business profitably whether you're there or not. And you must find a leader to lead the team in your absence or your business will not survive. Selecting, assessing, coaching, teaching, terminating managers is the key to unlimited profits in all businesses. Why? Because eventually we're all going to go, so unless you replace yourself with the right people, the profit and the processes necessary for success, your business will fail. Not some times, but every time.

Fact #1:  If your company does not hire and promote the people that enjoy process and people development and enforce the processes you will not continue to grow as profitably and problem free as you would if you did.

Fact #2:  The most difficult thing to do in business is to replace the first owner, while continuing to make profits into the next generation.

Rule #1 - The most important rule; select the right people and develop effective teams.

Rule #2 - The business must create a profit and positive cash flow.

Rule #3 - You must develop processes that work and train others to implement them.

Rule #4 - Your must keep score on every function and person.

Rule #5 - You must keep researching for a changing market and change with it, while monitoring your culture and values in the process.


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