Risks Are Everywhere - Holt Management Can Help You Avoid Them

Risks can be lurking anywhere. They can be stock market volatility, government regulations, customer demand, buying raw materials, and even complacency and procrastination.

What you see as a risk Holt Marketing & Management Services has a solution to help you avoid or downplay the impact that risk will have on you and your business!

The goal is to improve sales and profitability via more sales and higher margins and/or by saving costs and improving your bottom line.

Risks or Issues you may have seen:

  • Sales
    • Ignored Customers
    • Uncalled Prospects
    • Lack of Sales
    • Frustrated Customers
    • Unrealistic Promises
  • Operations
    • Unused Capacity
    • Wasted Labor
    • Poor Training
    • High Absenteeism
    • Slow Work Pace
    • Idle Employees
    • Wasted Work Products
    • Outdated Methods or Equipment
  • Finance/Accounting
    • Poor Budgeting
    • Uncontrolled Expenses
    • Slow Collections
    • Delayed Invoicing
    • Poor Record Keeping
    • Refunds
    • Idle Money
  • Marketing
    • Old or No Marketing Plan
    • Inept Advertising
    • Lack of Publicity
    • No ROI measurement or marketing tactics
    • Outdated Marketing Materials
  • Management
    • Outdated Technology
    • Lack of Policies and Procedures
    • Poor Tracking of Costs and Expenses
    • Lost Information
    • Inadequate Reports
    • Inefficient Ordering Methods
    • No Competitive Bidding
    • Inefficient Facilities
  • Human Resources
    • Inadequate Job Descriptions and Responsibilities
    • Irregular Employee Evaluations
    • Poor Job Training
    • High Turnover
    • Improper Record Keeping
    • Poor Employee Handbook
    • Undefined Employee Responsibilities

If you have any of these risks or issues creeping up on your business, then contact us to discuss those specifically of concern to you or click on the category heading that they fall into for more information.